Collection #1: Defentry has the file, and here is what we found

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"Collection #1" got a lot of attention when found leaked last week. Defentry found 4 more collection files, totalling five "Collections" of leaked data. We have downloaded the files and gone through them, this is what we found:


It took approximately 20 hours to download all files due to the bandwidth of, a dropbox-like service. A lot seems to be .ru (Russian) and .com domains, but some were Swedish. Here are some statistics we have put together of Collection #1 through #5, and which Swedish sites were affected. We will update when we have exact numbers for other countries.

Size: more than 800 GB

Content: 58 000 files

Amount of Swedish e-mail addresses: 16 558 798 

Amount of new addresses for Swedish sites: 47 433

Swedish sites leaked:
www.hemmakvä (412 Swedish e-mail addresses, 51 000 Danish e-mail addresses)

Defentry has been going through the files all week and is still investigating. So far, Defentry can state that a lot of the information is very old, originating from old leaks and breaches, among them the tremendous LinkedIn leak in 2016. Some of the information has been matched to leaks Defentry already discovered earlier. If you do have an account at any of the sites above, please change your password at all the sites where you use the same e-mail address and password. 

We will post an update as soon as we have gathered more statistics.

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